mortgage rates

Craig Tindall on 4/03/18

Ah, the age-old question prospective home buyers are haunted by: to rent or to buy? Buying (or not buying) a home is a big decision, and there is not an easy answer. While some believe buying a home is not…

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Craig Tindall on 1/16/18

Last month, the republican tax bill was passed, and as it turns out, it will have a significant impact, both good and bad, on current and prospective homeowners. Be sure to contact a tax professional for more details, but here’s…

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Roger Steur on 11/14/17

UPDATED 12/21/2017 First and foremost, with changes like this consult your tax advisor. The bill has changed several times from inception to signing, so we’re still reviewing potential impacts on housing. One of the biggest changes for many taxpayers will…

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