December 1, 2021

5 Unique Holiday Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home for Christmas is often full of joy but can also be a little stressful! In today’s blog, we are sharing 5 unique holiday decorating ideas that can add a little extra “wow” to your home decorating without adding a lot of extra stress!

Your Christmas Tablescape

Forgo the large centerpiece in the middle of the table and opt for unique Holiday decor gracing the backs on your chairs instead! Yes, a beautiful centerpiece in the middle of our dinner table is stunning, but if not done right can become overpowering and sometimes even impractical! Try leaving the center of the table simple or even empty and opt instead to use small wreaths or ribbons on the back of each chair! This adds that holiday warmth to your tablescape without sacrificing valuable space on the tabletop! 

Along the same lines, try adding some holiday cheer above your table? Adorn your overhead chandelier or lighting with garland, tinsel, or a few lightweight ornaments! You could even use fresh greenery to bring that true evergreen tree scent to your table! If you are feeling really brave you could hang a small, lightweight Christmas tree upside down from the lighting! This will definitely be a conversation starter with your guests! Pro-tip: Use battery-operated lights and simply switch them on to have the gorgeous twinkle of lights above your table!

Change Up Your Color Palette

While most decide to decorate using traditional holiday colors of reds, greens, whites, golds, or silvers, why not change up your color palette? Holiday decor is available in almost any color imaginable today from neon hues to dark and moody. Find a few staple pieces in your new color of choice and then build slowly around those colors. Even muted hues of the traditional colors can bring a fresh look to your holiday decorating. For inspiration, take a look at a color wheel and note the secondary colors and their complementary (opposite) colors on the color wheel. These colors usually pair nicely together. Below is the photo of a purple Christmas tree with yellow-gold ornaments. Purple and yellow are complementary colors. 

Bring the Outdoors IN!

If you have a strong desire for unique holiday decorating but have a weak budget, take your inspiration from nature. Look around outside and note what winter looks like where you live. Are there many evergreen trees in your city? Cut some from your yard or a neighbor’s yard (with permission!) and create your own holiday garland straight from mother nature. Collect pine cones that have fallen and create a simple centerpiece. Purchase a few houseplants that feel like the holidays to you (poinsettias or ornamental rosemary are great ones to start with), add a couple of ornaments or a pretty ribbon, and voila! You have a simple, budget-friendly but winter-themed decor to place in your home.

Update Your Traditional Tree Garland 

Instead of trimming your tree with traditional garland or tinsel, consider using fresh flowers or realistic faux flowers! You can find them to fit just about any color palette and would make for truly unique holiday decorations! If you opt for real flowers over faux, you may have to replace them as they begin to wilt but you also will not have to store them once the season is over!

Holidays in Your Home

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