May 7, 2020

Transform Your House into a Smart Home

Technology has changed the way that we live our lives every single day, even within our home. Making your home a smart home is just another step in the right direction. Our homes are a safe place that we spend a large majority of our time. By taking simple steps to implement smart devices throughout your home you can improve your quality of life while saving time, energy, and money. Don’t know where to start? Here are 9 steps to transform your home into a smart home:

Smart Home Assistant/Smart Speaker

This is one of the easiest and most popular ways to add a technological element to your home. A smart speaker or home assistant is a type of speaker and voice command device that offers interactive actions and hands-free activation. Depending on the kind you decide to buy, some might even have a screen. Smart speakers allow you to do a variety of things from adjusting the temperature, turning music on or off, telling you the weather for the day, or even helping you keep up with your grocery list.

Smart Home Hub

When you begin to add a variety of smart elements to your home it can get overwhelming to control them from all of their separate hubs. Some smart speakers have this aspect built-in to them, but if not consider getting one central hub for all of your devices to be connected to. Essentially it serves as the brain of all of your technology, allowing you to have total automation of your home from one app.

Smart Lightbulbs

Smart lightbulbs can make your life easier and are energy efficient! Smart lightbulbs wirelessly connect to your assistant so that you can control them with only the sound of your voice, or by using the app. Depending on the bulbs that you choose to go with you will be able to control when they are on, off, the color of the bulb and the brightness.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats work very similar to smart light bulbs. Once connected to your assistant the thermostat can be controlled by your voice, or through the app. If you have different settings for different rooms, they are able to memorize your settings allowing you to avoid multiple trips to different thermostats. If you’re not home but want to adjust the settings to prepare for your arrival, change the temperature from your phone. You will never have to worry about being too hot or too cold again!

Smart Doorbell

Safety is a very important aspect of your home. A smart doorbell is a great step in keeping your family safer at home! When the doorbell rings you will receive an alert on your phone in which you will then be able to speak to them through a connected speaker. Some doorbells also come with an attached camera that also allows you to see whoever is at your front door. This will allow you to take action quicker if needed and allow expected guests in with ease and peace of mind.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs connect to your app and allow you to turn off and on things that are plugged into a standard wall socket. The smart plug plugs into the wall socket and then the chosen appliance plugs into it. Whether it is a lamp, TV, coffee machine or whatever you choose, this can allow you to save energy when the item is not being used. This is a cheap and easy way to make strides towards a smarter home.

Security Cameras

As we mentioned above, safety is important within your home. Smart security cameras can be placed inside or outside of your home.  Through the app on your phone you can check the cameras at any time of day. Night vision allows you to see even in the dark of night what is going on. Whether you need to ensure nobody is breaking in, or get your dog the couch, smart camera allow you to do both! Most come with options to store the videos, record certain movements, and save or rewind to previous footage taken.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are one of the first steps you should take in transitioning your home to a smart home. These detectors can sense if any danger exists and alert you via your smartphone. This could keep your entire family safe in the event of a fire or a carbon monoxide emergency.

Smart Cleaning

Nobody enjoys cleaning, so why not make it easier? Smart trash cans have hand sensors so that you can open without touching. Many of them also have a suction near the floor so that you don’t have to sweep into a dustpan! Don’t’ want to sweep? Try a smart vacuum that runs all on its on! They are both voice activated and controllable via app. Headed home from work? Clean your house before you even get there! When you are ready to make a more significant change there are even smart washers and dryers. These pair with your smart home so you can run them without having to get off the couch!

As you can see, there are many ways to transition your home to a smart home. If you decide you need a home to make smart, or it is time to refinance, give us a call today!