April 22, 2020

5 Simple Stay-At-Home Projects

With all of the time we are getting to spend in our homes right now, it’s the perfect opportunity to do some stay-at-home projects. Whether it’s cleaning up from winter or sprucing up for spring, there are lots of options!

Switch Up the Furniture and Décor:

It’s easy to get in a rut with your typical furniture layout. Try moving around the furniture in one room, or swapping out furniture in between rooms.

If you’re not sure about moving large pieces of furniture, start small. Try switching up the décor. Pictures are a great way to make things feel more like “home.” Change out the old for new, more recent pictures or rearrange some of your existing frames.

If you end up needing a new piece for a certain spot in your home once you get it all as you like, several stores are offering online shopping through their websites, social media, or apps so that you can stay-at-home and shop! Check with local furniture businesses who could use the support right now also.

Spring Cleaning:

         There are many areas of our homes that we typically forget to clean, or don’t have the time to clean, on a regular basis. If you’ve got some cleaning products stored away, get to work sanitizing and straightening up all of the “forgotten” spots around the house, such as: vents, baseboards, under your bed, appliances (both big and small), curtains and comforters. Check out this list of items of more areas that you have forgotten to clean.


Over time things get stuck in closets and in corners and then we find ourselves overwhelmed with what all we have stored away that we don’t need anymore. Reorganizing your closets and drawers could be a way to not only spruce up your house, but also to de-stress yourself! Tackle your Tupperware cabinet, bathroom drawers, closets and drawers for a start. You will be amazed at how freeing it feels to get rid of unwanted clutter! This is one of the easiest and most satisfying stay-at-home projects.


         Since spring is in the air, why not use the time to clean up outside your house from the mess that winter left? If you have a patio, sweep up the dust or dirt that might be lingering. Remove limbs, leaves and pine cones from the yard that have fallen. If you’ve got some trimmers, trim up around your hedges and bushes.

         If you’ve got an outside stay-at-home project that you want done, contact your local nursery or landscape company! They could hook you up with what you need without you having to brave larger retail outdoor supply and garden stores that might be crowded and busy.


We often forget to check things that we already have to make sure they are continuing to work properly. Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide sensors. Change out the floor protector pads on the bottom of your furniture to keep your floors in tip-top shape. Rotate your mattress so that it doesn’t wear out too soon. Swap your air filters. The list goes on and on!  For more ideas, check out our Annual Home Maintenance Checklist here. See how many you can cross off the list without ever leaving your house!

Though we are stuck inside, there are plenty of things to keep us busy while staying at home! Try some of these stay-at-home projects to keep your hands busy and your mind occupied. Many local companies would love your business right now, and many are more than happy to make accommodations to get exactly what you need in a safe way.

If you realize that maybe it’s not just cleaning and redoing you need, but a new home in general, we are here for you and only a phone call away! Let Method Mortgage help you find the smarter way home.