April 24, 2019

Why is Spring Cleaning Important for Selling a House?

It’s finally Spring, and, for many of us, that means Spring Cleaning, especially if you’re planning on selling your house. According to Elizabeth Weintraub, author of The Short Sale Survivor: How to Turn Your Upside-Down Mortgage Right Size Up, spring is the best time to sell a home because the largest number of buyers are looking for homes April through June.

Since more people are looking at houses during the Spring, more people are likely to be selling their houses during that time, so you have to go above and beyond to make your house stand out. One way to do that is through a thorough Spring Cleaning! Here are some tips and tricks to clean your house and make it look like someone’s dream house.

  1. Make a Schedule for Spring Cleaning

When you’re looking at all the things that need to be done around your house, it can be overwhelming. The best way to not get overwhelmed and still accomplish everything that needs to be done is to break the list of tasks into sections and schedule time to do them. Planning to repaint the shutters, have the draperies dry-cleaned, and vacuum the carpets one Saturday sounds a lot more manageable than cleaning the entire house inside and out. My scheduling time to do certain tasks, you’re more likely to stay motivated and get everything done.

  1. Disinfect All Your Cleaning Utensils

It sounds silly to say that you need to clean the items that you’re planning to clean with, but when cleaning around the house, you want to start with a clean sponge, mop, rag, broom, etc. so that you’re actually cleaning and not just moving germs and dirt around. Molli Carlson from MakeSpace suggests microwaving your wet sponge for 2 minutes, cleaning your vacuum attachments with mild detergent, sanitizing your mop with vinegar, and banging off all that dirt from your dustpan.

  1. Do the Little Things that Make A Big Difference

We all know that sometimes it’s the little personal touches that make all the difference. The same is true when selling your house. There are little things you can do that will make a world of difference. Elizabeth Weintraub suggests mowing your lawn diagonally to make it appear “artfully-manicured, washing all windows and polishing mirrors and floors to make them sparkle, opening the windows to let natural light in, and decorating with light pastel colors that feel inviting. All of these things are small changes that just might be the thing that sets you apart!

At Method Mortgage we want to help you find the Smartest Way Home, and spring cleaning might just be a great way to take your next step.