August 1, 2019


The Alabama Mortgage Professional Association (AMPA) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote economic growth and maintain highly professional and ethical business through education. Because of this, they put an emphasis on integrity and progress. That is why it is such an honor to not only be involved with AMPA but to be awarded the Top Mortgage Brokers in Central Alabama award by AMPA.

Top Mortgage Brokers Award

Every year, AMPA indentifies who has excelled the most in the previous year. They not only look at numbers but also at the reputation of the company. AMPA assesses the success of Central Alabama originators and brokers based on production, integrity and for upholding the standards set by the AMPA Board of Directors.

AMPA gave Method Mortgage the honor of Top Mortgage Brokers in Central Alabama, yet again. Receiving this award is an honor. It says a lot about us as a company, but it says equally as much about our clients. We could not do what we do at the caliber that we do it without all of your continued support.

More AMPA News

As previously stated, being honored by AMPA is a big deal to us. However, we’re even more proud to be a part of AMPA now because our very own Adam Stoffregen was elected as president. Adam will serve as president for 2019 and 2020.

Adam says that he’s excited for this opportunity to give back to others while also being able to support small business owners and loan officers. His primary task as president will be to continue increasing the value that AMPA brings to its members. He plans to do this by increasing industry awareness, improving education and facilitating collaboration among members of AMPA.

Congratulations Adam! We are very proud and excited for you!

If you’d like to learn more about AMPA you can go to If you’re in the market to purchase a home, please feel free to contact us here at Method Mortgage. We’d love to have the opportunity to assist you in finding the smartest way home!