September 16, 2020

Making Space for At-Home Work

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues students across the country are hunkering down in their homes to continue their virtual education. In a story published by, they reported 55 million students nationwide continuing their education online this year. Students aren’t the only ones staying home though as many parents continue to work remotely. How can families who are all under the same roof have space for work and productivity? We’re here to help you figure that out!

Dedicated Spaces

 One of the best ways that you can create an environment for all to do well while at home is to make sure each person has their own dedicated area. Of course, we understand that is way easier said than done! With limited spaces, how can you make sure every person has what they need?

Do what you can to separate each person and get creative with what you’ve got. Dependent on the age and the type of work that many will be doing, you can set up different kinds of spaces. See how you can recreate the spaces you already have to make do. It can be the corner of a family room, an extra guest room that nobody is using, the attic, or the basement are all great options. Divide everybody into their dedicated area so that nobody feels crowded and can do their work well.

 Having dedicated spaces also helps you to cut out any distractions that might exist. Whether that be the noises from each other like phone calls or noisy computer keyboard, or normal household distractions like TVs. Creating a place for each person according to their needs should increase the ability for everybody to be more productive. Some younger kids might make it work at a kitchen counter, while dad takes the guest bedroom desk for some privacy. 

Creating Space 

Now you might be thinking, “well that’s a great idea, but where am I supposed to get this extra space?” It might not always be ideal, but there are ways to do it.

It might be the time to invest in at least one desk or some form of a makeshift desk. While the table might work for some, having an actual desk is probably more helpful for those doing more serious work. Redeem a hidden corner, nook, or even a small space in between some furniture to fit it in if you don’t have an extra room to convert to an office.

If you have multiple people needing desks and can’t buy everyone a personal one, consider lap desks or table trays. These are more inexpensive options that can be used in multiple places and can be stored away easily. These are a great option for younger kids who might not need quite as much space and can work from a dining or living room chair.

Foldaway desks are also a popular option that might help you create a space for productivity. If there’s nowhere to create an office area away from everything, but you don’t want a messy desk in the middle of your house, having a fold away desks allow you to have the workspace you need while hiding it away when you’re finished. These work great even in small closets that you can open when needed and then close behind you after a long day of work! 

If you have the time and money to invest in actually creating a more long-term learning and productive place, do it! Redesign a guest room into an office space, close in a garage, finish a basement, or even add on a room. These aren’t easy or cheap tasks, but if it’s something that your family will need for longer than just a few months then it might be worth the investment.

We know that many families are taking working and schooling from home day by day.  Find a way in your home that works best for you and your family to have the areas you need to work diligently. Whether that means purchasing a desk, turning a kitchen counter into an office, or completely renovating a bedroom – find the dedicated spaces in your home and make them into the perfect area for productivity! Enjoy the extra time with your family knowing that together you can conquer whatever life throws at you!