December 21, 2020

How to Remodel Your Attic

Have you been wanting to turn your unfinished attic into a usable living space? Adding an extra room likely increases the value of your home in major ways. Seldom used attic space is the perfect way to expand your home without the frustrations of laying new foundations. Deciding on the best transformation project and knowing where to begin can be difficult, but we are here to help! 

Does your attic qualify?

Start by making sure that your attic meets local building codes in order to qualify to transform the space into something livable. Ceilings must be a certain height and there must be the ability to heat and cool the space. 

These regulations will guide your remodel. However, there are ways to bring the space up to code. For example, if your ceiling height isn’t high enough, you can lower the ceiling on your main floor to create more attic space. Though this will call for the work of a professional and might take time, it will be worth it! 

Do you have easy access? 

What type of access do you have to your attic? Is there already an existing staircase leading up to it, or will you have to build one? If so, do you have the space to do so? You will also need a second exit – whether it be a window or a second staircase. 

Many homes with a second floor already have a great walkout space for easy access to the attic. In this case, you wouldn’t need to worry about a staircase or another entryway. That means you’re one step ahead! 

Structural Support, plumbing, and electrical?

You always want to factor in the added costs for making sure that your attic can structurally support the remodel, and that you will be able to add plumbing, electrical, or air conditioning/heating where needed. Extra insulation also might need to be added to prevent noise from escaping to rooms below. These are all extra costs that you will want to look into before beginning your attic remodel. 

Remodel Ideas: 

Once you know that your attic is ready to be remodeled, then comes the question of what to turn it into? 

Extra Bedroom 

If you’re in need of extra space for guests, an extra bedroom is always a great option. If your attic is large enough to fit a full or queen size bed, great! If not, consider bunk beds or a day bed to save space. 

Game Room

Do you have young kids? Have they been begging you for a place to play? Turn your attic into the game room of their dreams! Here are some tips. 

Storage Friendly

Maybe you don’t want to necessarily remodel your attic into a living space, you just want it to work as a smarter storage room. 

Insulating your attic is a smart way to protect your belongings if your plan is to use it as a storage space. While there are lots of ways to organize the small space, you also want to be sure that your items will not be affected by changing temperatures or moisture. 

Need some organizational tips? Check this out! 

Office Space

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues, many have been working from. A new office space might be exactly what you need! Attics can serve as a quiet, hidden spot away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house that would allow you to work well without distraction. 

Need some office inspiration? Check out this couple that had had enough of working from the kitchen table! 

Walk-In Closet 

Who would argue with an added walk-in closet? Renovating your attic to serve as more closet space is a great way to be better organized since it offers a plethora of added storage. You want to make sure that if you go this route, you install HVAC in order to keep the room climate controlled so that your belongings are protected. 

There are so many opportunities for the attic in your home. Whether you’re looking to transform it into something bold and beautiful or keep it simple and accessible – there are lots of ways to make it happen! Let us know if you remake anything in your attic using these tips. 

As always, let our team at Method Mortgage lead you to the smartest way home! Give us a call today.