June 25, 2020

3 Helpful Tips to Baby Proof Your Home

Babies… they eventually learn to crawl and walk.  When they do, they get into everything.  I mean EVERYTHING. You have to be prepared with a home that is full baby proof! So what do you do?  There’s a never ending list of products you could buy to ensure your home is baby-proofed to a tee.  But, the choices are enough to make even the most seasoned parent overwhelmed.  Here are some suggestion we have to help you on your way to a safer home.

Get on their level to Baby Proof:

When you begin baby proofing your home you will want to get on eye level of where your children will be. This way you can see as they will see and consider the things that might be the greatest risk of harming them.

A good place to start is with electrical outlets. If they aren’t in use, make sure you cover them so that they can’t get their fingers into them. If you have lamps or other things plugged in, consider either keeping them unplugged and covered if they aren’t in use. Make sure there aren’t any loose cords that they might pull or tug on.

Bottom cabinets or drawers will need to be secured so that they can’t be opened easily. Many times, children will pull up to stand using these things, so make sure they are securely locked as to not slide open when moved around. You will also want to add any corner guards to lower level corners on cabinets, counter tops, or furniture. Typically, these will be the first place they run into, so sharp edges need to be eliminated.

Create a safe haven: 

It’s true that there are many ways to baby proof your home, but sometimes you just can’t do it ALL. Focus on one or two spaces that you can create as a “safe haven” for babies. Whether it be a living room, nursery or playroom do all that you can to make that space completely safe for them. This way you can block off the entrances to that specific place and keep them in an area that you know you won’t have to fear putting them in.

 Put it away: 

When you have little ones you may want to consider putting things away for a couple of years until they get old enough to know how to be around them. This includes anything poisonous, like laundry detergents, or anything sharp, like knives. This doesn’t mean you can’t use them- obviously you will still want to wash your clothes! Consider instead locking them in a closet that they won’t be able to get into or placing them up very high so that they can’t be reached at all- even if they were to climb.

You also will want to look around your house for anything that might be breakable or valuable to you that you wouldn’t want to get messed up. Little ones are the recipe for a mess, so you don’t want to put anything in reach that might not come out in one piece! Fine china or dishes that are important to you might need to come out of the china cabinet and into a box for a few years, just to make sure they are safe and sound!

Baby Proof Outside:

Many people will do a great job baby proofing their home and completely forget about the outside! Your yard is an extension of your home and you will want to make sure that you consider anything that might be dangerous if your little one got outside.

Are there any plants that could be poisonous to the touch or if ingested? Be sure to keep any dangerous yard tools, like rakes or shovels, put away and out of reach. If you have any open areas of water, like a pool or pond, be sure to consider how to either keep children out of that area or eliminate the threat by closing it in or securely covering it.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming making sure your home is safe for your kids! Start with these 4 things and then consider what next steps you might need to take. We know that keeping your babies safe is of the utmost importance to you in your home!

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