February 2, 2015

Groundhog Day

First off, and the coldness this morning may prove Punxsutawney Phil to be a prognosticator of potential prolonged winter (say that 3 times fast.)  Of course earlier this week the beloved groundhog DID see his shadow, so by tradition we will now have 6 more weeks of cold weather.


Couple of POSITIVE stories about the real estate market to share with you and your clients today.  First off, an article by Redfin stating that the Housing market off to an early ROARING start in 2015. We’ve seen that as well, with applications on the rise for just about every type of financing, Purchase, Refinance, Cash out Refinances to get money for renovations, etc. Can you imagine having an open house with 132 people coming thru, or getting 23 offers in one day, in the snow, uphill both ways?


So, you add to that some positive economic reports, specifically Payrolls increasing, and unemployment rates decreasing, and we’re cooking with Crisco.  Out today and according to the article after the above link, “Continued labor market improvements may bode well for the housing market for the coming year, since housing relies on steady nationwide employment to flourish.” Sounds good to me.