November 8, 2021

Full Pre-Approvals Give You the Fastest Closing

There’s no doubt that buying a home is more competitive than ever. We’ve heard from many customers that sellers are getting multiple offers in this competitive market. So, Method Mortgage has created a way for your offer to stand out in a crowded market. We’ve introduced our Full-PreApproval process. This gives the sellers additional confidence in your offer and allows you to close sooner, giving you an edge with multiple bids. Read on to learn all the benefits of a full pre-approval and how you can be the strongest buyer in this seller’s market! 

What Do You Mean “Full Pre-Approval”

It is common practice for buyers to be pre-approved for a certain loan amount as they begin their search for a new home. Standard pre-approval includes the gathering of information from you as the buyer and a check on your credit score. Method Mortgage is taking the pre-approval process even further with what we call “Full Pre-Approval.” When you contact us about securing a loan and getting pre-approval up to a certain amount, we don’t just stop with the credit check. We will go ahead and gather all the needed information, needed documents, and verification so that when you make an offer on that dream home, you will already be positioned to move forward with confidence.  Normally these additional steps in the pre-approval process happen after you have made an offer on a home, but with Full Pre-Approval you will have fully underwritten pre-approval for your loan as you begin the negotiation process. This gives you a tremendous advantage as you begin your new home search! 

The Benefits of Full Pre-Approval

With today’s fast-paced market, we want you to stand out from other buyers. With a full pre-approval from Method Mortgage, you will definitely stand out as a stronger buyer in today’s seller’s market. Realtors understand the huge benefit of having full pre-approval and can highlight this along with your offer to the seller. Homes for sale in June 2021 received an average number of 4 offers and spent an average 17 days on the market. 89% of residential homes for sale in June sold in under a month. If you are fully pre-approved, the transaction is less likely to experience financial delays which may encourage a seller to choose your offer. Closing quickly and easily is a huge benefit to sellers. Full Pre-Approval means you can do this and begin moving into your new home!

How Do I Begin the Full Pre-Approval Process?

If you’re tired of missing out on houses or you want to make sure you are one step ahead of others as you begin the home-buying process, connect with us to apply for Full Pre-Approval to insure the FASTEST CLOSING! Let us help you close quickly and not miss out on your dream home. Get started by clicking our link or give us a call at (205) 705-1650.