February 24, 2021

Best Home Security Systems

Home security is something that almost every family is concerned with. It’s important to know that your house is safe and secure whether you are home or away. What used to be quite an expensive endeavor has now become more accessible. There are a variety of systems available from high-end equipment that is installed directly by the company, to more do-it-yourself setups. Picking out the best system can be a bit stressful, so we’ve broken down some of the most popular options. 


SimpliSafe is ranked at the top of the home security list for multiple reasons. Not only is this system affordable, but it’s also very easy to install. SimpliSafe allows you to customize exactly what you want for your home. You have the option of monthly monitoring with no long-term contract. 

SimpliSafe started in 2006 as one of the very first DIY home security systems. Packages begin at $229 including a base station, a wireless keypad, one entry sensor, and one motion sensor. You also have the option of adding any other devices to your package including motion sensors, entry sensors, smoke detectors, water sensors, glass break sensors, and more. 

With no long-term contract, you have the option of month-to-month service. Two monthly plans are available – one for $14.99 which comes with professional monitoring, but no ability to interact with your system through the mobile app, or a $24.99 a month option that gives you full interaction ability as well as professional monitoring. 

One complaint that is common for SimpliSafe is that it doesn’t have the best integrations available for smart home capabilities. Though it offers some, others on the market take the lead in this area. If that’s not a huge concern for you, SimpliSafe might be the way to go for your home. 


ADT is the largest security company in the U.S. It is known for its variety of equipment and service options and its integration with home automation tools. Because of the size of ADT, some prefer to go with this company over smaller companies for the peace of mind of knowing someone is always available. 

Instead of the DIY online model, an ADT sales representative visits your home for a free consultation to ensure that you select the correct equipment. To get a quote, you must have someone visit your home. Unlike SimpliSafe, ADT does require contracts. 

Pricing for ADT varies and is hard to compare since they are all customized to the individual customer according to their needs. Installation of the system usually runs at about $99 but could be more if you have a more extensive system. There is no standard package for ADT, but a typical smaller system could include a touch-screen panel, an entry sensor, a motion detector, a keychain remote, an indoor siren, an indoor camera, and a lamp module. Much more equipment and combinations of equipment are available. 

If you’re in the market for a larger security company with lots of experience and a massive customer base, ADT is the right pick for you. 


Falling in line with ADT, you won’t have to lift a finger to install a Vivint security system. Though Vivint is typically slightly more expensive than its competitors, it prides itself on being a successful home automation technology company with an expansive suite of branded and third-party home devices. 

Smart Home pros come into your home for a free consultation to help you design the system that is just right for you. After a full diagnostic audit of your home’s network connections, Vivint can install your system. 

The starter kit that Vivint offers is $599 including a touch-screen Smart Hub, two entry sensors, one motion sensor, one water sensor, and $100 toward additional sensors. Typically once additional components are added, the price usually lands around $1000 or so. Products individually range from $50 to $300. Several monitoring plans are available also ranging from $30 a month to $50 a month, all including different coverages. One plus is that if you pay for your system upfront, you can become a month-to-month customer. 

For those that want a professionally installed system with proprietary equipment, Vivint is the answer. If you’re looking for a feature-rich system with free home consultations, look no further. 


Cove, similar to SimpliSafe, is more of the DIY home security model. Being one of the newer kids on the block, Cove is still developing much of its service offerings. However, they have a different way of doing things compared to most other security companies. Instead of starter packages, Cove guides you through a Q&A to know the exact security needs of your home. 

The equipment offered and the Cove app are basic compared to other options, and the system must be paired with a professional monitoring plan to operate effectively. The company does offer a 60-day risk-free guarantee, which is always a plus. They also offer discounts for military personnel, first responders, nurses, and teachers. 

For those that are looking for a system on a tighter budget, Cove might be the right choice. They frequently offer deep discounts. For those in the market, Cove is a simple security system solution. Especially if you’re in a smaller home or apartment, this system could be the way to go. 

As you can tell, there are so many available options. Depending on the coverage you would prefer, the work that you want to put in, and the budget you have, you can find a security company that fits the exact needs of your home.

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