September 10, 2019

5 Tips for Closing Your Pool

     Labor Day has come and gone – for homeowners with a pool, this signals that it is nearing time to close up for the winter.  A proper closing helps to ensure a beautiful beginning when the spring sunshine returns! Feeling daunted by this task? Here are 5 tips to help you correctly close your pool for winter. 

5 Basic Steps

  1. Clear any debris, trash or toys from the swimming area and the water.  Elbow grease is required! It needs to be as spotless as possible. Be sure to skim, brush and vacuum your pool.
  2. Check the pH, and alkalinity to make sure it is balanced.  If you are unsure if it is balanced, you can take a sample to your local pool supply store to be tested.
  3. Drain the pool to several inches below the skimmer. Water left near the tiles can cause them to crack if temperatures drop to freezing. You will then want to “blow out the lines.” This means that the water from all pipes and filters is removed. Remember water expands when frozen and can burst pipes! This can be a tricky process so don’t be discouraged if you decide to call a professional, especially if you have a fountain or heater installed. Another option instead of blowing out the lines is to add antifreeze. Be sure to purchase POOL Antifreeze and not the kind for cars. Car antifreeze will not work in a pool and can potentially be toxic. Discuss the pros and cons with your local  professional before making a decision.
  4. Add your winterizing chemicals. Your local supply store sells a “Winter Closing Kit” that has all the chemicals you need. These are aimed to keep algae away and are especially made to prevent bleaching of your liner. A green algae filled pool is the stuff from nightmares! The winterizing kits are sold specifically for the number of gallons your pool contains so be sure to look for the right kit.
  5. Now is the time to cover your pool if you have one. If you choose not to have a cover, be sure to spend a little time each week removing leaves and debris that might be blown in the water. Remember if the debris sits too long, it can stain the liner. Don’t forget to store toys and floats in a dry area also.

Should I hire a professional to close my pool? 

If you are a new pool owner, then it might be wise to hire a professional to close everything down for the winter. This can run anywhere from $200-$300 according to Pool Pricer but you can pay attention to what they do and gain the confidence to do it yourself the next year. Pool Winterizing Kits range from $30-$60.

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