September 1, 2020

4 Reasons People are Moving

The Coronavirus Pandemic has created a new normal in our lives – from how we live to even where we live. Many families are considering moving for a variety of reasons. The new year brought a new perspective on homeownership as many families have spent more time inside their home than away from it. What they once retreated to is now the gym, workplace, school, restaurant, and playground all in one.

4 Reasons People are Moving:

1.Working from home

As COVID-19 ramped up, many were sent home from work, and many are continuing to work remotely. Although some cities have allowed businesses to reopen with certain restrictions, employers have found that their employees were just as successful from home as they were from the office. Since many are remaining in their home for work, they’re considering new aspects of their home.

Dedicated office space has become an important addition to homes, rather than just a kitchen table made into a desk. Larger homes are what many families are seeking out so that they can have a private space to work in for better productivity.

While offices move into homes, commutes are no longer as big of a concern. This has caused many families to consider moving to locations that they’d rather spend their time in, like further outside the city limits or even to a vacation home.

2. Health

Health concerns are another reason that many families are considering relocating. Larger cities and more populated places that have had higher cases of the coronavirus have caused many families to consider the “what if” of another pandemic in the future. Because of this, many wish to move to where they believe offers them more protection for their health away from the crowds.

Mudrooms are an aspect that is becoming a more popular selling point due to the pandemic. Having space where shoes and outside layers can be left is something that makes families feel that they can more easily control the germs that come in and out of their homes. Again, larger homes with adequate space are the ideal spot for many.

Physical activity is something that has been made a bit more challenging in the Coronavirus outbreak as gyms have shut down. Many took to finding what they could around the house to stay in shape, but now wish to have actual dedicated home gym space and equipment to stay healthy without having to leave the house.

3. Schooling from home

Not only are the parents working from home, but the kids are, too. While some schools have returned, many families have transitioned to home school or virtual school. Cramped and shared workspaces have made it difficult for kids and parents to be able to work in a productive way. Having a dedicated space to learn has become a vital aspect of a home to many families, and many are moving for that added space.

4. Outdoor space

On the same note of kids being home more often, outdoor space has become a more important factor for families. Having space to play, enjoy each other, and even cook outdoors is something many families are looking for. Relocation is one way that families are finding this as they move further away from the cities and towards the more rural areas.

COVID-19 has caused many things to change in our lives, including how we live and where we live. Some factors that are causing families to relocate include needing more space for a home office, concern for their health, needing dedicated areas for kids learning, and outdoor space for fun and play! Now is a great time to take advantage of the very low mortgage rates if you are considering making a move.

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